Bottom-Hinged Foot Operated Intake Doors

Bottom-Hinged, foot operated, self-closing, positive latching 1½-hour UL labeled chute intake door assemblies come complete with trim and ready for installation. Our selection of doors offers choices of ADA compliance, handle, latch, hinge, mounting frame, and closer. All doors have brushed stainless steel finish for long life and easy maintenance. Some self-closers come enclosed in a heavy duty box mounted outside the trash opening while others are exposed. Bottom-Hinged, Foot Operated, Intake Doors can include Electrical Interlocks to allow remote lockout and single door operation providing safety during peak usage periods and maintenance. Bottom-Hinged, Foot Operated, Intake Doors are also available in Hand Operation. All Intake Doors come with brushed stainless steel trim available blank or embossed. Our doors are proudly made in the USA or Canada by Union Craftsmen.