Chute Door Maintenance

Our experts inspect, maintain, and repair your chute intake and discharge doors for safety and a healthier, fresher environment.

Chute door maintenance service includes regular check-ups and the labor to repair or replace improperly functioning chute doors. Any parts used are provided at a 10% or greater discount! Should the chute doors require more extensive repairs, an estimate will be provided for review and approval prior to the start of any work. This service requires and is performed at the same time as trash chute cleaning.

When contracted along with the trash chute cleaning service, door maintenance adds little expense and provides that extra insurance. And, as an extra bonus, you receive annual chute fire door inspection and certification FREE! Municipalities are now requiring this, and the cost for this annual service starts at $25 per intake, access, and discharge door. It is yours at no additional charge with our Chute Door Maintenance service.