Odor Control Service

Odor control operates automatically to combat nasty collection room and trash chute odors by vaporizing and automatically dispensing our powerful, environmentally friendly, odor-reactant solution that controls odors through bio-degrading action.

The Chute Doctor installs and maintains the trash chute odor control system(s). Our technicians set up the system to operate automatically, check that it is working properly and replenish the odor-neutralizing solution during the scheduled service visits. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a 110vac power supply necessary for the system to operate.

Some buildings need stronger trash chute odor control to combat more stubborn odors or more extreme situations. For those cases, we also have an extra strength solution. If standard service doesn't meet your needs, you are given the opportunity to cancel your contract or upgrade to the extra strength option.

SAFE AS SALAD OIL! Chute Doctor odor control solutions are 100 percent natural – no hazardous chemicals, no ozone-depleting CFCs, and no aerosols. They are special formulations of essential oils from plant extracts, each custom-blended to neutralize a specific type of odor. Our dispensers atomize these essential oils and distributes them into the air in carefully measured concentrations. Minute airborne particles of the blended oils trigger and accelerate the natural reactions which occur as matter biodegrades. In essence, Chute Doctor odor control solutions facilitate nature's own processes responsible for transforming odorous gasses into harmless smell-free end products.