Trash Chute Cleaning Service

Our minimum trash chute cleaning contract service is three visits per year. More frequent chute cleaning is recommended, however, and reduces the cost per visit. Service visits may also be quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly for healthier chutes and compactors, and healthier and safer buildings and occupants. One-time cleaning is also available on request.

Our process cleans, deodorizes, and is environmentally safe. First, using 3,000 pounds of pressure, we blast the chute clean with a 200° solution of botanical bactericide and insecticide. Then, we saturate the chute with bacteria and odor killing solutions that continue working between regular cleanings. For your safety and the safety of our environment, we use only EPA registered, FDA approved, natural botanical solutions.

Before leaving, we clean up any water and debris in the collection room which was a result of the cleaning process (of course this does not apply to pre-existing, messy conditions).