Trash Chute Cleaning, Odor Control, Repair, Service and Maintenance

The Chute Doctor services and repairs more chutes in the Western United States than any other chute service company.
When it comes to Chute System Service, we're the one!

Emergancy service and repair


Do you have a trash chute or chute-fed compactor repair problem that needs to get resolved urgently? Between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm PT, weekdays contact us via live chat or call 800-755-2488 toll-free. After hours, please click here for an immediate response from on-call technicians. Our technicians can troubleshoot and correct chute blockages, broken doors, odor control systems, compactors, and more. Don’t Delay - Contact Us Now!


Building codes require all chute doors to be inspected and certified annually. The Chute Doctor’s experienced professionals are trained to inspect and certify your chute door and door assemblies for proper functioning and code compliance. Chute intake and discharge doors that don’t function properly or close all the way are a serious fire hazard. Check here for availability and pricing through our wizard. We provide annual chute door inspection and certification FREE if you have a service contract with us for chute door maintenance.


The Chute Doctor has the right prescription for your trash and laundry chutes to keep them healthy, odor-free, and in good working order. We are licensed in California and Arizona and carry worker's comp and liability insurance. If you would like to have one of the Doctor's top-notch technicians visit your facility to give you a diagnosis of the current condition of your trash chutes, recycling chutes or linen chutes and how to maintain, repair, and control the odor in them, contact us today.


A common complaint to building management from residents is the odor emanating and permeating around trash chutes, this is just a symptom. There are many negatively impacting things living in your chute, which can smell and potentially leading to Sick Building Syndrome. Safety is a key reason too for chute cleaning. Household chemicals can get thrown into the trash, this includes highly flammable items such as alcohol, aerosols, cleaners and paint thinners. Schedule a Chute Cleaning Today!


Management of commercial, multi-level apartment complex or assisted living community requires a service contract with a company you can trust. Trash chutes rarely get treated with care. If using them is an unpleasant experience, if they are damaged or smell, people tend to treat them worse. That is why regular maintenance, cleaning and trash chute repair is so important. Find out about our trash chute cleaning, odor control, and maintenance services and get a FREE instant online quote. With regular service, you won't have to worry about whether your trash chutes are in good repair and help to keep your building safe and healthy.

Our Service Areas: We service trash, recycling and laundry chutes and provide compactor repair in Los Angeles; Orange County, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Kern, and Santa Barbara Counties; San Diego; Central California; and Arizona. We travel further on request – please call – and we provide self-service odor control nationwide.

We have the replacement parts you need

The Chute Doctor is the world's largest source for trash, recycling, & laundry chute parts. We have replacement doors and parts for virtually any chute! Guaranteed. We carry trash & laundry chute doors (intake doors, discharge doors, & access doors) trash chute parts, door handles & trims, odor control systems & supplies, as well as chute-fed compactors & compactor parts. Whether your chutes are manufactured by Western Chutes, Wilkinson Chutes, Midland Chutes, or any other manufacturer.