Self Service

Self-Service Chute Cleaning & Odor Control

If you're outside our service area or want to do it yourself, you can buy or rent the same high quality equipment and supplies for odor control and cleaning that we use for our clients. For a free quote on having the Chute Doctor's experts do it for you, click here.

Which odor control system needed is generally defined by number of floors. For example, for trash collection rooms with chutes up to five stories our System1 is usually sufficient. Each system is defined by number of floors serviced as a guide line. Requirements vary by conditions.

Our cleaning solutions are exclusive, patented formulations for use in garbage chutes, ensuring the best results in the industry. They are so safe, they are FDA-approved for use in kitchens!

Our industry-leading, environmentally-safe, odor control solutions to ensure peak performance. They don’t mask the odor, they get to the root of the problem and kill the odor causing bacteria! Our odor control concentrates are 100% natural made from the blending of oils from plant extracts.