Chute Discharge Doors

fire-rated horizontal chute discharge doorchute offset reinforcing brackets

We carry both fire-rated and non-rated horizontal discharge doors, and fire-rated vertical discharge doors. Fire-rated doors carry a Class “B”, 1½-hour, 250º UL label and come complete, ready to install and use. They comply with building codes for use as a fire damper.

Our chute discharge doors are designed for square or round chutes, and they are all equipped with a 165º, replaceable, fusible link designed to melt in the event of fire. This slows or stops fire from traveling up the chute into the building. We can also accommodate your custom sized chute! If your discharge door is too far from the collection bin, look at our extension collars.

These doors are not tested by UL for use as a horizontal chute-type fire door, as UL does not have such testing available. Therefore a UL labeled horizontal, accordion, snap-action fire damper is offered.