Trash Chute Cleaning and Odor Control

A dirty chute is an unhealthy chute, and if your trash chute smells, it needs professional attention. Besides cleaning, odors can also indicate that your trash chute odor control system isn't working, the chute intake or discharge doors are not functioning properly, or that other repairs are needed.

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Get an instant, no charge, no obligation service quote using the form at the right. Regular, thorough trash chute cleaning and maintenance service keeps your chutes, and therefore your building, healthy and more fire-safe.

Select a combination of 5 services to meet the needs of your building:

1) Trash Chute Cleaning Service

Make sure your trash chutes have a clean bill of health! The Doctor's process, systems and solutions are so effective they are patented. The cleaning solutions we use are so safe they are approved by the FDA for use in food processing.
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2) Odor Control Service

Our trash chute odor control systems control odors that can build up in your chutes and collection rooms between cleanings. The Chute Doctor furnishes, installs, adjusts, and maintains the systems so they work automatically to control and neutralize odors.
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3) ADD Chute Door Maintenance

Properly functioning chute doors – both garbage chute doors and laundry chute doors – are key to fire safety in your building. Chute door maintenance service includes regular check-ups and the labor to repair and replace improperly functioning chute intake and discharge doors.
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4) ADD Compactor Maintenance Service

A trash compactor is the heart of any waste management system. They do no good if they don't work reliably, and compactors do need repair on occasion. We help ensure your chute-fed compactors are in good repair and ready to do their job.
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5) ADD Collection Room, Compactor, and Bin Cleaning

Leave the dirty jobs to us! Keep your collection room, compactors, and bins clean and free from unpleasant odors with this add-on to our Chute Cleaning Service.
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Technician adjusting cleaning and odor control systems

Let the Doctor keep your garbage and recycling chutes clean and in good repair. Keep your tenants happy, and your building safer and more pleasant to occupy.

Don't Trust Your Chutes to Just Anyone

technical working on chute intake door The Chute Doctor is the professional among trash chute cleaners. We have been in the chute business for over 50 years. Our fourth-generation family run businesses clean, repair, install, and manufacture trash, recycling, and laundry chutes.

Our chute cleaning and repair staff are trained specialists who are uniformed and bonded. For trash chute cleaning, we use only EPA registered, FDA approved, natural botanical solutions.

There is a lot more to having clean, healthy, fire-safe, and properly functioning trash chutes than meets the eye. Don't trust this important part of your building to just anybody. Call the Doctor's professional trash chute cleaners.

As part of the full maintenance service, our technicians inspect your chutes, chute doors, trash rooms, compactors, and odor control systems, and make minor repairs right there on the spot. If it is determined more extensive repairs are needed, we provide an estimate.

Our Service Areas

We service trash, recycling and laundry chutes and provide compactor repair in Los Angeles; Orange, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, Kern, and Santa Barbara Counties; San Diego; Central California; and Arizona. We travel further on request – please call – and we provide self-service odor control nationwide.

Our specialists keep your garbage and recycling chutes clean, safe and in good working order. If chute or compactor repairs are needed, our technicians tell you, so problems can be caught early.