30"x48" Type “H” Hopper Discharge Complete, "HD" Series

Recommended for applications where the chute will be subject to hard impacts or high rise buildings where the linen chute is greater than 10 floors and/or the rubbish chute is greater than 6 floors. Due to durable material and construction,...

SKU: 500642

30"x48" Type “H” Hopper Discharge Complete, "W" Series

Type "H" hopper discharge assembly with top hinged, counter balanced, fire rated, vertical discharge door. The hopper provides a 90 degree radius sweep at the bottom of the chute. Made to fit a 30” diameter or square chute this hopper is made of...

SKU: 500525

30"x48" Vertical Discharge Door and Frame Assembly, Type "H", "W" or "HD" Series

30"x48" Vertical discharge door and frame assembly for a Type "H" hopper discharge door. This door is made of #16 gauge stainless steel and is designed to fit the 30”x48” hopper discharge. It bears an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Class "B"...

SKU: 500008