Chute-Fed Compactors

Chute-Fed Compactors, Bins, Parts & Accessories

We provide a variety of automatic, chute-fed compactors designed to meet the needs of your building. Designed for long life and outstanding performance, garbage can be fed from a chute or hand fed through an access door. Our compactors come with several important safety features, can be tied to work with electrical interlock systems, and conform to the same standards as those listed with WASTEC.

Heavy duty compactor receiver bins with fully welded interiors are essential to collecting, compacting, and storing trash between pick-ups. These bins are designed for use with Western Compactors.

When you want to do something as simple as changing the type of wheels on a compactor bin or upgrade controls on your new compactor you can find all those options as well as other accessories here.

Properly working compactors and bins help keep the trash out of the way and ready for collection day. For those who can make their own repairs, we offer a wide selection of replacement parts for compactors, compactor control panels, and collection bins.