Cleaning, Odor Control & Maintenance
Cleaning, Odor Control & Maintenance
Chute Fire Door Inspection
Fire Door
FREE House Call - Chute Inspection
House Call
Emergency Chute Repair Service
Emergency Service
Additional Labor Required
Additional Labor Required
Additional labor added for projects or products requiring additional work due to special conditions or  customizations. Quantity is number of hours as specified by ChuteDr. Value is added to the installation charge calculation. 
SKU: 700985 (1560)

Clean, Oil & Adjust Chute Intake and Discharge Doors
Clean, Adjust & Oil Chute Door
Adds Clean, Oil and Adjustment of chute intake and discharge doors to a repair quote. ChuteDr will clean, oil and adjust intake doors to function smoothly and close / latch properly. This work is in addition to parts replacement and may also be used stand alone for doors not requiring parts. INSTALLATION LABOR OPTION MUST BE ACCEPTED... [More]
SKU: 700984 (1532)

SKU: 701007 (1509)

Time and Material Chute and Compactor Repair Order
Time and Material Repair Order
For repairs during our normal service hours:
7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday.
If required outside normal business hours,
please use our Emergency Service .

SKU: 700986 (1766)
Price: $298.00